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Manufacturers of Eagle Pumps We are the manufacturers of Eagle Slurry, Axial Flow and Multistage Feed Pumps and specialize in all fields of the industrial pump market
Allow us to introduce you to our company which is situated in Westmead, Pinetown, South Africa.
Our core business is the production, supply and repairs of pumps.
Our Eagle Pump range consists of the END SUCTION DIN CENTRIFUGAL, AXIAL FLOW, SLURRY PUMPS AND BOILER FEED PUMPS. We would like you to visit the pages in our website, where you would find our general catalogues.
Our premises consist of a fully equipped workshop which specializes in the production and assembly of new pumps as well as pump repairs.
We offer excellent prices, quality and service. Our staff has many years of experience in the industrial pump market and would like to extend this valued service to yourselves in the near future. We can be contacted via the following:
PHONE : (+27 31) 700 6377 (6 LINES)
FAX : (+27 31) 700 6997
POST : P.O. Box 12147, Jacobs, 4026
Hoping our proposal could meet your interest, we remain at your disposal for any information.
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